Changing your OS between two linux distros

Hi guys! Last week, I had installed Debian 8 with Fedora 22 over my then current system of a dual boot between Ubuntu 14.04 and Fedora 22. I had been using these two for a long time and the change was pretty difficult because of all the data I had lying around. This is all the wisdom I understood from it, and hopefully, this helps.

  1. Backup all your important data : Your home folder or any external partition will have tons of data if you have been using your OS for some time. Don’t forget to double check all the folders such as your Desktop, localhost (/var/www/html/) and anything else you can think of.
  2.  Keep a list of your favorite applications that you’ve installed. I wouldn’t recommed copying the lib files from the computer. There is a high chance of getting your files corrupted that way (from personal experience). Instead, go to your package manager to find your installed packages and make a note of all the applications that you would want in your new OS.
  3. Backup files from your browser. If you use Google Chrome (Or Chromium) be sure to sign in and save your settings. For firefox users, here’s a guide to backup your profile. If your browser is something else, make sure to ask google for help with this,
  4. Download the .iso file of your new OS according to your requirement. I prefer to make a live usb for installation. Make sure you double check and download the right image file.

You’re all done! Say your goodbyes to your old system, put in your USB and reboot your system to start installation of your new OS.

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